How To Connect A Mouse To A Chromebook – Easy Steps

Your Chromebook doesn’t have a mouse. You need one to maneuver your way around the desktop and open applications. Now, if you’ve never bought a mouse before, this can seem a bit daunting. The good news is that there are many different types of mice for computers or laptops. This article will help you make an informed buying decision.

Chromebooks are easy to use and affordable laptops. While you can connect a USB mouse to your Chromebook, there are a few drawbacks. Enter Bluetooth mice. With a few simple steps, you can use your Bluetooth-enabled mouse on your Chromebook.

How To Connect A Mouse To A Chromebook

The Google Chrome Operating System is built to be run off of a keyboard and touchpad, so that’s mostly what you’ll see on the Chromebook. While it’s certainly possible to interact with your Chromebook solely using the touchpad, it isn’t very fun or easy. You may find yourself missing a mouse for performing certain tasks. Use this guide to set up both a wired and wireless mouse on your Chromebook.

Connecting a mouse to your Chromebook is an easy way to navigate your computer. If you’re connecting a mouse to a Chromebook for the first time, the setting process may seem a little confusing, but after you get everything set up, it’s easy to use.

Make sure your ChromeBook is turned on

If you have a Bluetooth mouse, ensure that it’s in discovery mode. Look for the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner of your Chromebook’s screen and double-click it. The icon will turn blue and start blinking. Now, make sure that your Bluetooth mouse is turned on and within range of your Chromebook.

Connecting a mouse to your Chromebook via Bluetooth

If you’re using a Bluetooth mouse, click “Add Bluetooth Device” and then click “Pair.” Click the name of your Bluetooth device when it appears on the screen. You will be asked to enter a passkey. Type 0000 and press Enter or click Continue. Once you’ve successfully added your Bluetooth device, simply click “Connect” and then close any additional windows that appear onscreen.

Connecting a mouse to your Chromebook via USB

If you’d like to connect your mouse using a USB cord, you’ll need to purchase a male-to-male USB adapter so that it will fit in your ChromeBook’s port. Once you’ve purchased this, connect one end of the adapter into your mouse’s port and the other end into a USB port on your computer.

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