How to Change Mouse DPI For Smooth Gaming – Guide

Are you considering switching to a higher dpi mouse? Are you worried about your aim while playing shooter games? Or maybe you have lost control over your cursor movements and are looking for a solution. Regardless of the origin of your concern, here is a guide on how to change the DPI of your mouse. The process is actually quite simple and does not require any additional programs or downloads.

There are different ways of changing the DPI. DPI is dots per inch. The lower the DPI value, the larger a mouse movement will be across the screen.

It’s important for players that have a large screen or high-resolution monitor to play with higher DPI in order to have more precise movements and overall better mouse control as well as comfortability while playing. 

How to Change Mouse DPI For Smooth Gaming

It is actually recommended by pro players to change your dpi to at least 800 on FPS games so you can react faster and aim straighter even though it seems harder at first, you get used to it after a while and it makes sense actually.

What is mouse DPI?

How to Change Mouse DPI

The DPI (dots per inch) setting on a mouse is sometimes called the “mouse speed” or “pointer speed.” It controls how sensitive the mouse is to move. A lower DPI makes the mouse less sensitive, while higher DPI settings make it more sensitive.

The default setting on most mice is 800 to 1,000 DPI. Some gamers like to crank this up to 4,000 or even 10,000. They need that much sensitivity so they can make small movements quickly across the screen without having to lift their fingers off the mouse or move them very far.

However, if you need a lower setting — or if you just want your cursor to be bigger — try one of these tips:

What mouse DPI do I really need for FPS gaming?

How to Change Mouse DPI

For all the gaming mice on the market, gamers will always find themselves asking the question: “How many DPI should I really need? What mouse DPI do I really need for FPS gaming?”

Well, as with most things, it depends. If you’re a gamer who loves to play in first-person shooter games such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2 and so on, there is a formula for you to use when determining how many DPI you’ll need.

This formula is based on the sensitivity of your mouse and your screen resolution, which are two factors that can make or break your gaming experience.

If you’re someone who plays any game that requires quick reactions and quick movements from your mouse to play well (such as a first-person shooter), you would be better off with a lower DPI.

For example, someone who likes to sit up close to their monitor with a high resolution could potentially benefit from a higher DPI than someone who sits back with a low resolution. You’ll get more information out of your peripheral vision at an angle if the resolution is lower and vice versa if it’s higher.

Is 1200 DPI good for FPS?

How to Change Mouse DPI

When we play CS: GO  or other games we use a setting of 400 DPI and at a sensitivity of 6/11. Higher DPI does not always make you more accurate, the key is to find a setting that feels right for you. In general, your mouse movements should be as fast and precise as possible.

The higher the DPI the faster your mouse moves across the screen, but this isn’t always desirable. If your mouse is moving too fast across the screen you may find yourself overshooting your target or misclicking due to the speed of your cursor.

Setting it too slow can cause you to take longer than necessary to navigate across the screen. Finding a balance where you feel comfortable and are able to move quickly but accurately is ideal.

Sensitivity is basically how fast you turn your mouse. This can be broken up into two parts: how sensitive your X-axis (horizontal movement) and Y-axis (vertical movement) are individually, and how much sense there is in the angle between them (called “Acceleration”).

The clearer picture here is that sensitivity = speed of movement while DPI = sensitivity of cursor placement.

How to Change Mouse DPI to 800

The need for increasing the DPI of your mouse comes from the fact that some games are rendered at very high resolutions and a low DPI value makes it difficult to aim. In this guide, we will explain how to increase your mouse DPI in Windows 10 and 11 to 800. 

Step 1: Right-click on your desktop, click on “Personalize” and then click on “Display Settings.”

Step 2: Go to the “Advanced” tab, select “Change the size of text, apps, and other items” and choose “100%”. Now you can see all your desktop icons without making them so big that they are hard to manage.

Step 3: Go back to your desktop, right-click on your mouse icon, and select “Properties.” You will be able to see your current DPI setting under the Pointer Options tab as shown in the image below.

Step 4: Click on the drop-down box next to “Movement” and select 800. Finally, click Apply and OK.

You’re done! Now you can enjoy better aiming in games with higher resolutions than before.

How to Change Mouse DPI DPI to 1200

This section is for those of you with a gaming mouse, or a pretty high DPI setting on your normal mouse. If you have ever played an FPS game, you have probably noticed that you move your mouse faster than the in-game character moves.

This is because the DPI of most mice is too low, and it creates this feeling of sluggishness when playing games.

However, if you increase your DPI to 1200, or 1600, you will notice a nice difference in the way your character moves.

After switching to a higher DPI setting I can easily say that it increases your accuracy while shooting by quite a bit. The problem is that most games still don’t support this high of a setting, but there are some ways around this.

To set up a higher DPI on Windows:

1. Open up “Mouse Properties” by right-clicking on your Desktop and selecting “Properties” and then clicking on “Mouse.”

2. Click on the “Pointer Options” tab and check “Enable Mouse Hints.”

3. Click on the “Hardware” tab and click “Properties.”

4. In Pointer Options click on “Enhance Pointer Precision.” This will now allow you to set higher DPI in-game options.


I hope this article has been a valuable resource for you as it introduces you to the many options available for changing mouse DPI. As with any tutorial, there may be other steps that you need to take to set this up.

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