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Top 10 Best Mouse For Arthritis 2022

A regular mouse can be a very efficient tool for different purposes but regular computer mice can be harmful for people who suffer from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Thankfully, manufacturers have created a line of special mice meant for this category of customers.

Such product enables people to avoid pain and use their computer without painful limitations. If you know someone who suffers from such problems, looking for the best mouse for arthritis could be a good idea.

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A poorly designed mouse could also cause carpal tunnel syndrome – a condition that causes severe pain in hands and wrists due to pressure being applied to forearm tendons while working.

1.Anker Ergonomic


  • Connectivity Technology : Wired, USB
  • Brand : Anker
  • Movement Detection Technology : Optical
  • Color : Black
  • Number of Buttons : 5

Featuring a patented ergonomic design that encourages healthy neutral “handshake” wrist and arm positions for smoother cursor movement and less overall strain.

Anker’s vertical ergonomic mouse features Optical Tracking Technology for smooth and precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces, plus easy navigation and previous/next buttons for convenient web browsing.

A durable 4.9 ft/1.5m cable ensures you have plenty of length to maneuver in most environments. The superior choice for web surfers, gamers, people who work at length at the computer, and anyone who wants superior comfort and performance from their mouse.

The Anker Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse is an ideal choice for those seeking an alternative to the standard hand position that comes with standard mice.

The mouse’s specially curved shape encourages a healthy and more natural “handshake” wrist and arm position, allowing you to work in more comfort and with less strain.

With a 1000/1600 DPI resolution optical tracking technology packaged with 5 button capabilities, this mouse delivers more sensitivity than standard optical mice making it suitable for use on a variety of flat surfaces.

Additionally, the added next/previous buttons provide convenience when browsing through web pages, making this mouse ideal for those who spend most of their time at the computer.

The combination of its ergonomic shape, convenient features, and sensitive tracking system make this mouse the superior choice for people who surf the internet or play games frequently on computers.

 2.Kensington Orbit Trackball


  • Connectivity Technology : Wireless, 2.4GHz USB Receiver
  • Recommended Uses For Product : Office
  • Brand : Kensington
  • Compatible Devices : PC
  • Series : K72352US

Kensington Orbit Wireless Trackball Mouse with Touch Scroll Ring (K72352US) combines advanced optical tracking and scrolling technology to provide precise cursor control. Unique touch scrolling allows you to slide your finger around the outer ring of the trackball for effortless scrolling.

Free downloadable KensingtonWorks software provides button customization, including assigning touch scroll functions to the trackball for maximum productivity. Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology with nano USB receiver that stowes inside the trackball when not in use makes this stylish curser an ideal choice for laptop or desktop computers.

The Kensington Orbit Wireless Trackball Mouse with Touch Scroll Ring (K72352US) provides effortless scrolling, effortless surfing, and effortless computing.

The trackball lets you scroll up, down, left, right, and diagonally—all with the smooth control of an optical mouse. And that’s not all: It actually lets you operate the wheel with your thumb or finger.

No matter which way you prefer to scroll, you’ll discover the benefits of using a Kensington Orbit Wireless Trackball Mouse with our innovative touch scrolling feature.

Simply slide your fingertip around the outer ring of the trackball for effortless horizontal and vertical scrolling through documents or around web pages. And all it takes is a tap on the scroll wheel to go back to regular clicking.



  • Connectivity Technology : Wired, USB
  • Brand : FLEXISPOT
  • Movement Detection Technology : Optical
  • Color : Black
  • Number of Buttons : 7

The Flexispot Ergonomic Optical Vertical Mouse is a comfortable and ergonomic vertical mouse that provides the ease of use of a standard 2-button mouse in a vertical position.

The large forward/back buttons on either side of the scroll wheel make navigating documents and Web sites easy.

The large scroll wheel makes moving quickly between documents or browsing your favorite Web sites a breeze. This optical mouse works on most surfaces (except glass). You can also plug it into your USB port replicator as well as directly into your system unit. A quieter mouse, it doesn’t click.

The Optimized Vertical Ergonomic Mouse (Optical) by Flexispot is really a super-effective working tool for people who have repetitive strains injuries or are adjustable to the human body. Furthermore, it comes with high quality and low price, which makes it a good choice for you.

4.EIGIIS Ergonomic Trackball


  • Connectivity Technology : Wireless, USB
  • Brand : EIGIIS
  • Compatible Devices : Laptop, Personal Computer
  • Movement Detection Technology : Trackball, Optical
  • Color : Black Wireless Green TrackBall

EIGIIS ergonomic wireless handheld finger trackball mouse have 800/1200/1400/1600 DPI resolution optical tracking technology that provides higher sensitivity than standard optical mice.

EIGIIS handheld trackball mouse wireless have a Sensitive rolling ball and frequency stable 2.4GHz receiver(For wireless mouse, the valid range distance is about 10M, the signal can’t go through wall). Powered by One AAA battery (not included)

EIGIIS 2.4G Ergonomic Trackball Handheld Finger USB Mouse Wireless Optical Travel DPI Mice for PC Laptop Mac Left and Right Handed. Rubberized texture with impact resistance, the main surface is made by high-quality ABS material,non-slip design with elegant appearance, unique hinge design can less your stress to operate.

The device is powered by one AAA battery (not included) with good performance and endurance. Suitable for computer/laptop/iMac/PC/MAC etc., Insert the USB receiver, then you can use it without any problem. In addition, the package also contains 2 AAA batteries totally free which will be replaced in the mouse after you receive it. Warranty: 3 months .

5.iClever Ergonomic Mouse


  • Connectivity Technology : Wireless, USB
  • Brand : IClever
  • Movement Detection Technology : Optical
  • Number of Buttons : 6
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 5.43 x 2.95 x 2.68 inches

  Become a master at using your mouse with the iClever 6-button ergonomic vertical mouse. This wireless ergonomic mouse lets you easily adjust the cursor speed, and excel at gaming, using CAD/CAM, designing and other computer-based tasks.

This vertical mouse features an advanced optical tracking sensor that ensures accurate tracking on most surfaces and is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (or higher) and Mac systems too.

The iClever wireless ergonomic mouse comes with an easy to use USB dongle and can also function as a wired mouse when connected to a USB port.

With 6 buttons including scroll wheel, this vertical wireless mouse feels great in hand as it is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, leaving your hand feeling relaxed even after long hours of use. The advanced 2.4GHz wireless connection gives you freedom from the tangle of wires as you move around in tight spots at home or office.



  • Connectivity Technology : Wireless, USB
  • Recommended Uses For Product : Office, Gaming
  • Brand : Acedada
  • Movement Detection Technology : Optical
  • Color : Black

This ergonomic mouse is a perfect alternative to vertical mice. It works well for students and older people who have wrist pain from using regular mice. The Genius Acedada mouse has 3 adjustable DPI levels of 800/1200/1600 and 6 buttons for much easier clicking and scrolling.

And it’s the only mouse that I’ve found that allows the middle finger to be placed on the scroll wheel. So you aren’t stuck having to click or use the scroll wheel with your thumb, which can cause a lot of strain to your hand at the base of your thumb over time.

Acedada Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Wireless is an innovated ergonomic mouse. It uses optical sensor technology to track the movement and guarantee a stable experience in gaming and daily work on the computer.

The two design features makes it more suitable for users who have wrist injury and carpal tunnel syndrome; hand, wrist or forearm pain from repetitive stress injuries. If you use computer for a long time every day, this mouse will be a best pick for you.

7.Logitech Trackman


  • Connectivity Technology : PS/2, USB
  • Brand : Logitech
  • Model Name : 910-000806
  • Movement Detection Technology : Optical
  • Color : Dark Silver

When you’re trackballing down the road of life, the Logitech Trackball Marble Mouse is your perfect traveling companion. Flexible wired connectivity means you just plug the cable into your USB or PS/2 port – it works right out of the box. ZERO SETUP REQUIRED.

Programmable controls mean you can configure it to do exactly what you want, like switching applications and opening browser windows. Moving quickly between documents and browsing your favorite Web sites is a breeze with large, easy-to-reach buttons .

Get comfortable and work faster with the easy-to-reach, contoured shape of this Logitech Trackman Marble Trackball Mouse.

The Logitech Trackman Marble features a sculpted shape that supports your hand and stays in one place as you move your cursor—without moving your arm. That lets you switch easily through documents or quickly browse your favorite Web sites.

8. J-Tech Digital


  • Connectivity Technology : W
  • Brand : J-Tech Digital
  • Movement Detection Technology : Optical
  • Color : Gray
  • Number of Buttons : 6

The J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Wired Mouse Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse with Adjustable Sensitivity (600/1000/1600 DPI), Removable Palm Rest & Thumb Buttons – Reduces Hand/Wrist Pain provides a highly ergonomic and comfortable hand rest for a more natural, relaxed feel during extended computer use.

Button tensioning is optimized for smoother action and longer life, while the scroll wheel can rotate 1 million times and buttons can be depressed over 3 million times.

The advantages to this mouse are many: no drivers to load on any computer, variable DPI sensitivity that can be changed via simple button presses (particularly useful for gamers), an adjustable palm rest that reduces hand & wrist pain, and an extra set of shoulder buttons. All of these features come in a sleek package that is extremely lightweight.



  • Connectivity Technology : Wireless
  • Recommended Uses For Product : Office
  • Brand : Verbatim
  • Compatible Devices : PC
  • Series : Wireless Desktop 8-Button Deluxe Mouse

Verbatim’s Wireless Desktop 8-Button Deluxe Mouse features a scroll wheel, indicators for left and right mouse clicks, as well as a blue light known as Verbatim Bright Vision that allows users to easily spot the mouse in the dark.

With its right and left buttons, this wireless mouse makes it easy to edit and scroll through documents without taking the hand off the mouse. It also includes a “Zoom” button that is located to the left of the mouse wheel.

This allows you to zoom in and out on pages within your web browser or documents quickly and easily. The “Zoom” button can also be enabled for both left and right click functions with an included driver disk.

The Verbatim Wireless Desktop 8-Button Deluxe Mouse is a comfortable wireless mouse with left and right click buttons as well as a scroll wheel, and content-specific buttons that allow you to perform routine tasks quickly and easily.

The scroll wheel doubles as a button, allowing you to easily go back or forward in your browsing or document – no need to move your hand from the mouse.

This wireless mouse features the Verbatim “Connect & Play” receiver for plug-and-play connectivity with your computer. The receiver is USB plug compatible and can be stored in the bottom of the mouse during travel.

10.Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse


  • Brand : Logitech
  • Color : Graphite
  • Connectivity Technology : Wired
  • Series : M510 Comfort Plus
  • Cable Feature : Without Cable

Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse is a great choice for home or office use. It can connect with up to 6 computers using just one Unifying receiver, saving space and eliminating cord clutter by providing power to the mouse through the same USB port used for data transfer.

This feature requires Logitech Unifying software and a compatible operating system. And, it comes with 2 years of battery life, practically eliminating the need to replace batteries. The On/Off switch helps conserve power, smart sleep mode extends battery life and an indicator light eliminates surprises.

Take control of your computer from any distance with the wireless Logitech M510 mouse. Enjoy smooth cursor control and easy navigation thanks to this well-designed mouse’s contoured shape, rubber grips and curved sides.  

Its standard three left- and right-click buttons are ergonomically positioned for comfortable control, especially for right-handers.

This Logitech M510 mouse also includes Back/Forward buttons that you can program to perform multiple functions, such as switching applications, going to full screen and minimizing browser windows. From idle to active, you’ll feel comfortable using this mouse throughout the day.

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