10 Best Bluetooth Mouse For Android Tablet 2022 – Reviews & Guide

List of Best Bluetooth Mouse For Android Tablet

Do you still get tired when you look for the right key on the keyboard? How irritating when you just want to ask a question but can’t find the right button on the mouse? Do you want to operate the multimedia and open new windows by scrolling the wheel? With Sutinna Bluetooth 5.1 Remote Control Wireless Air Mouse, enjoy your life more freely! A high-quality Sutinna Bluetooth 5.1 Remote Control Wireless Air Mouse is designed in high quality. It is famous for its extraordinary sensitivity and portability. Moreover, it has a push-button design, which makes it easier for you to quickly use.

Most importantly, this Sutinna Bluetooth 5.1 Remote Control Wireless Air Mouse features a wireless operating distance of up to 10 meters and comes with long-lasting batteries that do not need replacing for 3 months based on regular usage of 7 hours per day (touch keys have no use at all). As one of the leading remotes web electronic gadgetry manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory also supplies the best remotes at a competitive price as well as good after-sale service.

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Sutinna Bluetooth 5.1 Remote Control Wireless Air Mouse – This is high quality and very portable air mouse that can be used with many common devices, including but not limited to smartphones, tablets, game consoles (supports iOS and Android), computers (Windows and Mac), set-top boxes and Blu-ray players. The application supports gestures such as point, click, scroll, etc., as well as voice commands using the Bluetooth microphone capabilities of this device. The best part: you can also use it as a wireless remote control for your TV, set-top box, or even other internet-connected devices.

1. Bluetooth 5.1 Remote Control Wireless Air Mouse


  • Connectivity technology : Bluetooth
  • Brand : Sutinna
  • Compatible devices : Laptop, Smartphone
  • Special feature : Default
  • Number of buttons : 17

It is a multifunctional remote control, smart air mouse for an android tv box. Bluetooth 5.1 transmission, stable connection. Built‑in 6-axis gyroscope sensor, it can realize traditional remote control, mouse, and motion-sensing game functions for the Android platform. It is easy to use, just plug and play. Suitable for Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones, laptops, smart television, and Android TV boxes. Support infrared learning.

Use this Wireless Air Mouse Remote Control on your favorite Bluetooth enabled device, perfect for use with smartphones, laptops, and TV boxes. This handy controller is able to learn the infrared signals from your home remote with an easy process, no additional drivers are needed. The Motion Six‑axis Gyroscope sensor technology will change the way you use a mouse while playing all of your favorite games. You’ll have greater accuracy, smoother movements, and even advanced features like auto-fire, so you can get back to gaming faster than ever before!

2. Perixx Perimice-802 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Mouse


  • Connectivity technology : Bluetooth
  • Recommended uses for product : Office
  • Brand : Perixx
  • Compatible devices : Personal Computer
  • Special feature : Wireless, Portable

Perixx Perimice-802 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Mouse is a mobile and easy-to-use optical mouse specially designed for Laptop, Tablet PC. Using advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology, Perimice-802 Mini allows users to enjoy the comfort and control offered by a high-quality mouse wherever they are. The efficient Bluetooth connection provides better speed and stability than standard USB mice.

Wide compatibility allows you to use the mouse on all your devices with Bluetooth function including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Android Tablet, Laptop; Support: Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac iOS, Android 4.0 Linux and Android systems; no additional request or software is required (for Linux systems and Ger te without Bluetooth support an additional Bluetooth receiver is required).

3. Acemall Tablet Wireless Keyboard Mouse


  • Brand : Acemall
  • Connectivity technology : Bluetooth, Wireless USB
  • Power source : Battery Powered
  • Number of keys : 78

A combination of Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth mouse, and silicone shell is available. The ergonomic design can help you type comfortably with much maneuvering flexibility. The special function keys enable you to control the playback of multimedia audio, convenient and practical. A long working distance of 10m makes it more convenient to operate your laptop or PC at home or in the office. It is also very easy to pair with Bluetooth enabled device and enjoy a speedy connection without delay.

Cemerall Slim Mini Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can be used with IOS, Windows, and Android system-based tablets, laptops, and Smartphones. The wireless keyboard boasts a comfortable soft-touch feel. This combo wireless unit is powered by one AAA battery (included) and comes equipped with a USB receiver. Also equipped with a key-lock function, this versatile wireless keyboard mouse can switch between 6 different languages.

4. OMOTON Wireless Bluetooth Mouse


  • Connectivity technology : Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Brand : OMOTON
  • Compatible devices : Laptop, Personal Computer, Smartphone
  • Special feature : Wireless, Portable, Lightweight, Ergonomic Design, Soundless

The OMOTON Bluetooth mouse is designed to provide you with the finest wireless peripheral experience. This Bluetooth mouse can smoothly connect with your iPad 10.2 inch/iPad air 10.9 inches, Android smart devices and iPhone 8/7/6/5, etc. Its versatile compatibility makes it a perfect choice for travel. The ergonomic design offers you all-day comfort for work or life.

A long standby time of up to 6 months will provide you with uninterrupted use for a long time. It has 3 levels of adjustable DPI 800/1200/1600 as well as 3 switches that enable you to change speed based on its applications. High-quality optical sensors guarantee accurate tracking while its noiseless click prevents disturbing others around you.

The OMOTON 10.2″/10.9″ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for New iPad is durable and convenient to use with its portable and ergonomic design. Featuring three adjustable DPI levels (800/1200/1600), you can change speed freely and suit your work or gaming habits without any compromise with tracking accuracy. Three DPI switches (cup shapes) are located at the bottom of the mouse, allowing you to adjust the speed while working or gaming even in the dark environment. This new version of Wireless Bluetooth Mouse upgrade their charging method, but the basic way of using and operating it is identical.

5.TeckNet Bluetooth Mouse


  • Connectivity technology : Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Brand : TECKNET
  • Compatible devices : Laptop

The TeckNet Bluetooth Mouse features a portable design that you can take anywhere. Use it on any surface and click with one, two, or three fingers for a comfortable and convenient experience. The mouse uses 1 AA battery (not included) and can enter sleep mode if not used for 30 minutes, allowing for long-term energy efficiency. With its 2800 DPI sensor, this wireless mouse gives users smoother cursor control on almost every surface while also ensuring accurate tracking control. That means a smoother drawing process in games and other graphics-intensive applications as well.

6. Tasnme Wireless Bluetooth Mouse


  • Connectivity technology : Bluetooth
  • Brand : Tasnme
  • Compatible devices : Laptop, Personal Computer
  • Special feature : Wireless, Portable, Rechargeable, Soundless
  • Colour : Black

The Tasnme Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for iPad Pro/iPad Air/Mac/Macbook is a multifunctional wireless Bluetooth mouse, high-class and fashion design, used by both left and right hands mouse, Compared with a traditional computer mouse, it can be used in a more convenient way. The Tasnme Bluetooth Mouse is a breakthrough product in current smart life with its ultra-long Bluetooth connection(10M).

When you are far away from your Apple/Android device, no need to worry about the signal lost. Built-in high capacity lithium polymer battery, you can use the mouse for 4~6 hours per charge. Many functions make the Tasnme wireless Bluetooth mouse more adaptable to daily needs. By the way, the transportations are very easy. It comes with a silicone rubber holder at the back of the mouse that allows you to clip it onto your iPad case or hardcover the back cover of your book conveniently at any time when it’s not in use.

7. FENIFOX Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse


  • Connectivity technology : Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Brand : FENIFOX
  • Compatible devices : Laptop, Personal Computer
  • Special feature : Wireless, Portable, Lightweight, Rechargeable, Soundless
  • Colour : Black

FENIFOX Bluetooth Mouse is a great addition to your laptop, tablet PC, and computer. FENIFOX rechargeable Bluetooth mouse has high quality consume battery. Long-lasting battery life which is up to 3 weeks. Well designed with 3 buttons and a scroll wheel. This wireless Bluetooth mouse can work 30 feet far from your device. With this USB Bluetooth wireless mouse, you will find it convenient when you are working on the large screen of the computer or tablet. 

This small portable mouse can be used for desktop computers, laptops, and tablets—no need to connect with cable cluttering your workspace. It can be used as a wireless mouse for computers, laptops, notebooks, and other electronic equipment with a USB port supporting the 2.0 or above versions. More importantly, it is easy to use and absolutely safe to use.

FENIFOX F10 is a rechargeable Bluetooth mouse, which is the best choice for you if you like ultra-thin, portable, stylish, and quiet. Compared with the traditional touchpad mouse, it can be operated silently, especially when you attend meetings or read books in the library. Compared with the type of wired mouse, it is lighter if be taken during traveling and can be charged more than a hundred times with a lithium polymer battery, which consumes less working current. Finally, all feedback will behold by Fenifox and we promise 30 days’ money back and 24 months warranty.

8.Wireless Bluetooth Mouse 


  • Connectivity technology : Wireless, Bluetooth, USB
  • Recommended uses for product : Office
  • Brand : ISMMIK
  • Compatible devices : Laptop, Personal Computer
  • Special feature : Wireless, Portable, Lightweight, Rechargeable, Ergonomic Design, Soundless

A handy device that can be used with a laptop and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This portable mouse fits in your pocket or bag, allowing you to take it with you on the go. This wireless mouse is battery-operated and has a 400dpi resolution for pinpoint accuracy captured. It provides a comfortable grip and includes a USB charging cable to recharge the built-in lithium battery. A low-battery indicator also lets you know when it’s time to re-charge.

It comes with a wireless range of up to 10 meters. Additionally, this Bluetooth wireless mouse has ultra-quiet keys that provide an effortless glide while operating at one of three different speeds (high, medium, or low). You can use your two or three fingers on this ergonomic mouse while using its scroll wheel to navigate easily through documents. Built with a scroll wheel and laser sensor technology, this Bluetooth Wireless Mouse makes a wonderful accessory for your laptop.

9. Wireless Bluetooth Mouse


  • Connectivity technology : Bluetooth
  • Recommended uses for product : Office
  • Brand : Seenda
  • Compatible devices : Windows XP/Windows 8/ Windows 10/ Android/ Mac OS laptop,desktop
  • Special feature : Rechargeable Long battery life Silent-click Ergonomic

The Seenda Silent Wireless Mouse is specially designed for a laptop, the best gift to a family member and friends, neither too small nor too big, makes your hand feel very soft and comfortable. The low-power smart chip is designed for the mouse, it will randomly switch off the power automatically when not in use which not only effectively saves battery capacity but also ensures ultra-long standby time.

You don’t need to worry about the mouse running out of power in a critical situation.  This wireless mouse comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology and the latest nano-receiver design which is more stable than 2.4GHz wireless devices. It can be used under the Window XP system or beyond.

The wireless Bluetooth laser mouse is compatible with laptops, computers, and tablets. Fully charged time is only 3 hours, working time can up to 7 days. It comes with a charging cable, which makes it convenient to be used.

10. Wireless Bluetooth Mouse J JOYACCESS


  • Connectivity technology : Wireless, Bluetooth, USB
  • Brand : J JOYACCESS
  • Compatible devices : Laptop, Personal Computer
  • Special feature : Wireless, Rechargeable, Ergonomic Design, Soundless

The mini Bluetooth Mouse J JOYACCESS uses a new model of technology Bluetooth V3.0, V2.1, V2.0 or even lower version‼️, suitable for different kinds of mobile phones/ computers. Whether it is updated or low version all support Android / IOS / Windows / MAC OS systems of the mobile phone, tablet computer, and desktop computer (Internal BT adapter need to be installed). This mini wireless mouse will work on your computer silently and freely without any wireless limit with a powerful wireless signal transmission range up to 10 meters without affecting your other devices.

J JOYACCESS Wireless Bluetooth Mouse is designed with a mini size and fashion appearance, which makes it convenient to carry in laptop bags. It features 3 kinds of connection modes: Bluetooth, 2.4G (wireless mouse), and USB wired mode, you can use it as a humanized home companion or office tool! The 2 buttons and wheel provide precise cursor control, allowing you to operate your device more easily.

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